September 17, 2012

In the Year 2040

by Richard

In the year 2040 there are going to be new things. For example computers are going to be smaller than your palms. The future is going to have new inventions because of flying objects, robots, and jobs. 

Later on in the years there are going to be flying objects that help us with our lives. There are going to be more laws because there will be more danger. People are going to have to be more careful and know the expectations of the laws. The cars that people will are going to be hard drive. Their houses are going to be floating in the air. Everything is going to be hard because everything is going to cost more and everyone is going to to try to earn more money. 

Robots are going to be be a big discovery. Robots are going to help us by being polite and doing stuff for us. They are going to alert others when we are in danger. People in the future are going to be inventing new and better technology. There might be different robots that are big or small. There is even going to be robots that talk and don't but everyone is going to have robots. We won't understand what it means to be human anymore. 

Jobs are going to be hard to find and to work in, especially with technology doing things for us. The future jobs might give you more money than they do today, but fewer  people will have these jobs. Jobs are going to be harder to find because there is going to be more technology. Some jobs are going to be fun jobs and there are going to be others that will be boring. People are going to be more hard working and are not going to stay home a lot. People are also going to be smarter, because information will be at their fingertips. Actually, it already is.

Later on in the future there are going to be different technologies. Also there are going to be new inventions. There are going to be new discoveries in the future because of flying objects, robots, and jobs. So, it will be exciting if you have a job and can use the technology. But for everyone else, it might be scary.

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August 24, 2012

Old People: Alone Together

by Arisbeth

In The Giver, the elderly live together alone. They don't have families and family members. Instead, the children are volunteering to help them. It has me thinking about our own community.

It's similar because old people mostly live alone together. Old people live just with the people they don't know and they didn't grow up with. They make new friends, but they have to be with other old people and not with their families. America doesn't like to think about the old, so they put them in big buildings with other old people.

I think that this is a bad thing to live alone, because the old people want to be with their families and their homes and their communities. They want to live where their stories are and not with old people that they don't know and people paid to be around them. They want to be with people who love them and not people who volunteer to see them.

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Freedom or Safety?

The community in The Giver is based upon the idea that safety and order are more important than freedom. It is a place with very little crime and very few tragedies. However, there is a hidden dark side to this place safety.

The book has raised a great question that a student brought up yesterday:

Which is more important: 
freedom or safety?

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